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Sacred Waters - An Avalon Retreat

A Women's Avalon retreat at The Chalice Well Spring

Glastonbury, Somerset UK

March 7th – 10th 2025


A collaborative retreat experience held by Annabelle of Wild Sedona and Sarah of Hedgewitch Healing & Soapery


Join us as we embark on a 4 day journey together in the ethereal isle of Avalon, to connect with her sacred waters and heart centred energy.


As we move into the emergence of spring, we prepare our vessels to gently ascend and bloom, shedding away the old as we awaken and unfurl into the new.


Working with the sacred waters of the Red and White springs, the medicine of the Rose, Mama Cacao and the Magdalen line, we shall journey gently into our feminine depths, to nourish, restore + R I S E,  sowing potent seeds of intention as we stir our chalice of creative potential within.


Expect a divine journey of sisterhood, remembering, connection + soul nourishment. We are so excited to share this experience with you.


We shall be residing in a beautiful grade II listed cottage upon the grounds of the Chalice Well Gardens, a sacred + tranquil space home to the avalonian red spring, nestled sweetly at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.

The retreat cottage offers simple and homely rooms with shared bathrooms, a peaceful meditation space, fully equipped kitchen, lounge + cosy esoteric library, with 24 hour access to the chalice well gardens included for all guests.


Glastonbury is known as the heart chakra of mama earth, as well as the legendary Isle of Avalon, and is a truly captivating place filled with myth, lore + magick. The Michael & Mary energy lines run golden threads throughout the landscape whilst healing waters flow to the surface unbroken from source. This is a place that calls deeply to our hearts.


We are so looking forward to welcoming you into this intimate and very special retreat space, held in one of our favourite places on earth.


Retreat Itinerary Includes:


  • Heart opening cacao ceremony to begin your journey


  • Expansive reiki nidra meditations + energy healing spaces


  • Morning grounding + breathwork practice amongst the spring flowers


  • Intimate water blessings + private ceremonies held in beautiful, sacred locations across Avalon


  • Sunrise drumming + awakening activation upon the Tor


  • Shamanic dreaming + journeying to meet with supportive unseen guides


  • Mary + The Rose ceremony – held in the celestial Magdalen Chapel


  • Felting dream seeds – Weaving intentions through crafting in circle


  • Gentle plant medicines to connect + transform


  • Safe spaces to share + be held


  • Personal reflection time 


  • Time to explore Glastonbury town


  • Delicious plant based meals + herbal teas provided throughout your stay


+ more magick yet to unfold…

Full details will be emailed to all retreat attendees one month before we begin.

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