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Private ceremonies
Moon Circles
Women's circle alter
Motherhood & Crone ceremonies
Women's circle for friends

A private circle for you and your friends?

Gather your nearest and dearest together and enjoy an evening of Feminine led spirituality in the comfort of your own space. Each circle will be tailored to your group's needs but will stay true to my circle framework, incorporating some or all of the following


Opening the circle 

Invoking the Goddess

Grounding breathwork



Oracle guidance medicine

6 people minimum per booking

Exchange starts at £15 pp

Mark the major transitions of life in a grounded, spiritual celebration with your closet friends. 

Each ceremony is personalised to the woman being celebrated. Gently guided by myself , held by her circle offering reverence and blessings to her for the next phase of her life.

The Crone ceremony includes -


Opening the circle

Inviting our benevolent ancestors

Heart meditation

Sharing of stories and photos about the Crone’s life



Intentions for their future

Blessings and wishes from friends


A gift given by friends to mark the ceremony

6 people minimum per booking

Exchange starts at  £20 pp

Drop me an email at to discuss your needs and ideas
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