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Hair Bars

The Hedgewitch Hair bars are specially formulated with oils, herbs and ingredients chosen for each hair type with bars carefully crafted for Thinning, Oily, Dry & Scalp care coming soon! The base recipe was two years in the testing, tweaked and perfected to create a hair bar that leaves hair, shiny, soft and bouncy. For extra shine, spritz hair with organic Apple Cider Vinegar after washing and rinse before drying.


If you a new to surfactant free hair cleansing it may take your hair a few washes to transition. This is the process of cleansing the hair of silicone and chemicals that may have built up on the hair from commercial products. Until your hair is clean it may have a slightly waxy feel, bear with it, it doesn't take long and is well worth the effort!

How to use solid hair soap

Directions for use: Wet hair thoroughly, rub the bar over the hair from front right down to the ends several times, massage into scalp and hair to create a good lather, rinse thoroughy and repeat if required.

Spritz with a herbal or vinegar rinse and rinse with water before drying.

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