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Our signature scents are now available in candle form!

Amber glass jars are filled with a sustainable coconut & rapeseed wax infused with our beautiful blends of high quality essential oils.


A deep copper bath filled with luxurious oils and dried botanicals filling the bathroom with steam, sweet with Rosewood and Myrrh and the slightest hint of spicy black pepper. Stars hanging in the moonless sky twinkle through the skylight, incense burns, candles flicker, an open journal and a glass of wine sit together on the table, a huge fluffy towel is warming on the radiator, this is the witches bathroom ready and waiting for the bathing ritual to begin!


Dark moon is a time of going inward, reflection and meditation ready to seed your intentions as the moon reappears in the night sky.


Handpoured into 120g & 180g jars

Approx burn time - 12+ hours


Dark moon candle

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