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Our signature scents are now available in candle form!

Amber glass jars are filled with a sustainable coconut & rapeseed wax infused with our beautiful blends of high quality essential oils.


La Luna, Mother Moon, Selene, whichever name you give her celebrate her fullness and light during your bathing ritual with this beautiful blend. Full Moon is all about forgiveness, release and letting go and thiscandle is scented with a blend of oils that have been used through the ages to honour this moon phase and to harness the power of the moon in magickal workings.

Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cypress and Frankincense create a fresh gentle scent, perfect for shedding the old and feeling renewed.


Handpoured into 120g & 180g jars

Approx burn time - 12+ hours


Full moon candle

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