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Connect with the energy of the Goddess Isis, Divine Mother and High Priestess of healing, protection and magic. The embodiment of Divine Feminine energies, Isis is a powerful ally when undertaking healing work or spell work. This spray creates an aura of sacred space, safety and deep, divine love,a container for powerful healing making it perfect for meditation sessions, women's circles and an harmonious home.


To invoke Isis, spray your energy field and reverently welcome her into your space with your usual practice to connect with energies.


This spray is handcrafted using distilled water infused under the new Moon with Rose quartz, carnelian and labradorite and a blend of Rose, Cypress, Geranium, Myrhh and Cederwood essential oils.


Shake well and spray liberally,

Do not spray directly on fabrics, naked flames or near the face.



Isis Space & Aura spray

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