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Connect with the energy of Merlin, Ascended Master, visionary and legendary magician. Merlin is there to assist us in his role as teacher and guide.


Merlin has a deep connection with nature. He will guide you with all aspects of your journey, particulary helping you connect with the plant spirit world and earth elementals. His wisdom is revered and he is happy to share it but only with those with the sincerest intentions and purest hearts and he epects you to put the work in, he's doesn't offer short cuts! 


To invoke Merlin, spray your energy field and reverently welcome him into your space.


This spray is handcrafted using distilled water infused under the Full Moon with Merlinite, Labradorite and Moss Agate and a blend of Juniper, Rosewood and Cederwood essential oils.


Shake well and spray liberally,

Do not spray directly on fabrics, naked flames or near the face.



Merlin Space & Aura spray

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