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Our Sabbat candles are crafted in small batches and scented with essential oils that are associated with each festival, carefully blended together to create powerful magickal scents to mark the turning of the wheel of the year. 


Bealtaine is a stunning blend of early summer bloomers that support us and enhance the energies of this spectacular fire festival celebrating the return of the summer, love and fertility:


Geranium for Love, passion and romance


Sage for Luck, prosperity and blessing the home


Rosemary for invigoration and vitality


Frankincense for purification and raising the vibration.


It's the perfect balance of floral and herbal notes for your Bealtaine rituals.


Amber glass jars are filled with a sustainable coconut & rapeseed wax infused with our beautiful blends of high quality essential oils.


Handpoured into 120g & 180g jars

Approx burn time - 12+ hours

Bealtaine Sabbat candle

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